German Schnitzel Types – Top 11


German Schnitzel Types – Top 11

1. Introduction

German schnitzel is a culinary specialty that has gained international fame. This article will explore the various types of schnitzel found in German cuisine, highlighting their ingredients, preparation methods, and regional influences.

2. Wiener Schnitzel

Wiener Schnitzel is perhaps the most famous type of German schnitzel. Originating from Austria, it consists of a tender and juicy veal cutlet that is breaded and fried to golden perfection. This classic dish is traditionally served with lemon wedges and a side of potato salad or cranberry sauce.

German Schnitzel Types – Top 11

3. Jägerschnitzel

Jägerschnitzel, or “hunter’s schnitzel,” features a breaded and fried pork cutlet topped with a rich mushroom gravy. This hearty dish reflects the rustic flavors of German cuisine and is often accompanied by spätzle, a type of German pasta, or potato dumplings.


4. Rahmschnitzel

Rahmschnitzel is a creamy and indulgent variation of schnitzel. It consists of a breaded and fried meat cutlet, usually pork or chicken, served with a velvety cream sauce. The sauce is often flavored with mushrooms, onions, and herbs, enhancing the dish’s savory taste. Rahmschnitzel pairs well with buttered noodles or spaetzle.

5. Zigeunerschnitzel

Zigeunerschnitzel, also known as “gypsy schnitzel,” is a vibrant and zesty version of the traditional schnitzel. It features a breaded and fried cutlet topped with a tangy tomato sauce, peppers, onions, and paprika. This flavorful combination adds a delightful kick to the dish and is commonly served with fried potatoes or rice.

6. Holsteiner Schnitzel

Holsteiner Schnitzel combines the deliciousness of a schnitzel with the freshness of a fried egg. This variation consists of a breaded and fried meat cutlet topped with a sunny-side-up egg. The yolk adds a rich and creamy element to the dish, creating a delightful symphony of flavors. It is often accompanied by fried potatoes and a fresh salad.

7. Schnitzel Cordon Bleu

Schnitzel Cordon Bleu is a delectable twist on the traditional schnitzel. It features a breaded and fried meat cutlet stuffed with ham and cheese. When cooked, the cheese melts and oozes out, creating a savory and gooey center. Schnitzel Cordon Bleu is typically served with French fries or mashed potatoes and a side of vegetables.

8. Sauerbraten Schnitzel

Sauerbraten Schnitzel offers a unique blend of flavors by combining two German classics. This variation involves marinating the meat in a tangy and aromatic blend of vinegar, spices, and herbs. The marinated meat is then breaded, fried, and served with a rich brown gravy. Sauerbraten Schnitzel pairs perfectly with red cabbage and potato dumplings.

9. Züricher Geschnetzeltes

Züricher Geschnetzeltes is a delightful Swiss-German dish that showcases the versatility of schnitzel. It features thinly sliced veal or pork cutlets cooked in a creamy white wine and mushroom sauce. This indulgent creation is often served with Rösti, a Swiss-style grated potato dish, or buttered noodles.

10. Schnitzel Wiener Art

Schnitzel Wiener Art, or Viennese-style schnitzel, is similar to the traditional Wiener Schnitzel but can be made with pork or chicken instead of veal. It follows the same preparation method, with a breaded and fried cutlet served with lemon wedges and a choice of side dishes such as potato salad or warm potato cucumber salad.

11. Berliner Schnitzel

Berliner Schnitzel is a regional specialty of Berlin. It features a breaded and fried pork cutlet accompanied by a traditional curry sauce. The curry sauce is mildly spiced, offering a unique flavor profile that sets it apart from other schnitzel variations. Berliner Schnitzel is typically served with French fries or a side of creamy mashed potatoes.

12. Schnitzel Hawaii

Schnitzel Hawaii adds a tropical twist to the classic schnitzel. It consists of a breaded and fried meat cutlet topped with a slice of ham, pineapple, and melted cheese. The combination of sweet and savory flavors creates a delightful contrast that transports your taste buds to a sunny beach. Schnitzel Hawaii is often served with rice and a side of mixed vegetables.

13. Schnitzel a la Holstein

Schnitzel a la Holstein is a hearty and satisfying variation that originated in Northern Germany. It features a breaded and fried meat cutlet topped with a fried egg, anchovies, capers, and pickled cucumbers. This unique combination of flavors creates a delightful balance of saltiness and tanginess. Schnitzel a la Holstein is typically accompanied by pan-fried potatoes and a fresh salad.

14. Conclusion

German schnitzel offers a wide array of flavors and variations, each with its own unique charm. Whether you prefer the classic Wiener Schnitzel, the savory Jägerschnitzel, or the indulgent Rahmschnitzel, there is a type of schnitzel to suit every palate. Exploring these delightful dishes allows you to experience the rich culinary heritage of Germany and savor the authentic flavors of this beloved cuisine.

15. FAQs

Q1: Can I make schnitzel with other types of meat besides veal? A1: Absolutely! While traditional schnitzel is made with veal, you can use pork or chicken as alternatives. They offer equally delicious results.

Q2: Are there vegetarian or vegan versions of schnitzel available? A2: Yes, there are vegetarian and vegan schnitzel options made from plant-based ingredients such as tofu, seitan, or textured vegetable protein (TVP). These alternatives provide a similar texture and can be breaded and fried just like traditional schnitzel.

Q3: What is the best side dish to serve with schnitzel? A3: Schnitzel pairs well with a variety of side dishes such as potato salad, French fries, spaetzle, mashed potatoes, or a fresh salad. Choose your favorite to complement the flavors of the schnitzel.

Q4: Can I freeze schnitzel for later use? A4: Yes, you can freeze schnitzel. After cooking and cooling, wrap each schnitzel individually in plastic wrap or place them in a freezer bag. They can be stored in the freezer for up to three months. To reheat, simply thaw them in the refrigerator and then reheat in a preheated oven until heated through.

Q5: Where can I find authentic German schnitzel outside of Germany? A5: Many German restaurants and international cuisine establishments around the world offer authentic German schnitzel. You can also try preparing it at home using the recipes available online or in German cookbooks.

In conclusion, German schnitzel is a versatile and delectable dish that has captured the hearts and palates of food enthusiasts worldwide. Whether you prefer the traditional Wiener Schnitzel or the adventurous flavors of Jägerschnitzel or Schnitzel Hawaii, exploring the different types of German schnitzel is sure to be a culinary journey worth embarking on. So why not try your hand at cooking up some schnitzel in your own kitchen or seek out a German restaurant to savor this beloved dish? Prost and guten Appetit!